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Average Time To First Comment Card gives the ability to see how much time passed on average before the first comment was posted for any custom content type that has comments enabled.

Dashboard card: Average Time To First Comment

Technically, the card calculates the average number of seconds between the publish date of each CPT and its first approved comment date. So, for example, if during the last 7 days, you’ve published 14 blog posts, the card does the following:

  1. checks each of those 14 posts whether they have comments;
  2. for those that do have at least 1 comment – calculate the number of seconds between the dates of the post published and the comment posted;
  3. finds an average value among the posts with comment(s).

Then this value is converted to a more human-readable format, as you see on a screenshot: 5m 6d 3h 24min 57s. There are specific rules that are applied to this elapsed time:

  • If there are no parts of a specific date period – it’s omitted. So that’s why in the example above there are no “years”. It can easily be 5d 42s if exactly 5 days and 42 seconds elapsed (with no full minutes and hours).
  • Weeks are a special date structure – so you can see 5m 2w 3d... if there are more than 14 days elapsed of the month (in this example – 17 days).
  • For the sake of clarity, here are all the available abbreviations:
    • y – year
    • m – month
    • w – week
    • d – day
    • h – hour
    • m – minutes
    • s – seconds

This card does not consider the content type – so it works for posts, pages, and all other CPTs with comments enabled.

The value of this card is affected by the Comments Date filter.