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The “Total by User” card is part of the more sophisticated Table Cards. It allows displaying information about comments aggregated by certain users.

A list of users grouped by their email address with the number comments left on a site.

Because users on a site can be considered unique based on their email address and/or their IP address – this card has a corresponding filter in the top-right corner:

  • Group by Email
  • Group by IP

With those filters, you can try to identify different patterns in the behavior of your commenters:

  1. users who have submitted a lot of comments from the same IP but with different email addresses – pretending to be unique users
  2. users who travel a lot – same email but different IP addresses
  3. users who change their names but still use the same email address – same email but different names (all the names will be listed under the email):
A list of name of the user based on the email address.

When data is grouped by the IP addresses, you will see all the names that users used while posting comments from the same IP:

A list of users grouped by their IP address with the number comments left on a site and all the used names.