Every WordPress site is coming with a different stream of content generated by other site owners or site visitors. While a lot of people are focusing on blog posts and pages, their optimization and analytics, one source of user engagement is so often neglected – comments.

Let me introduce you to CommentsWP – the only plugin to analyze your comments, find trends and anomalies, and much more.

Say Hello to CommentsWP

On one of my old sites, I have more than 8000 comments, and WordPress by default does not provide any kind of additional information about commenters, comments themselves, and so on. As an admin, I was able to see only comments and a couple of numbers:

  • total number of comments
  • number of spam, pending, or trashed comments
  • number of comments per post

And this is too basic information. I wanted more:

  • see commenting trends
  • much better filters
  • understand how some users are abusing the comments system by impersonating others (posting using names and sometimes even emails of other users)
  • comments aggregation by different periods of date and time

So I built CommentsWP and will continue working on it to improve the data this plugin can showcase for you. For reference, I’m Slava Abakumov and I created a ton of other WordPress plugins.

Just look at this dashboard – in a single glance you can see so much more:

CommentsWP Dashboard screenshot
CommentsWP Dashboard

This is the plugin that satisfies my own curiosity, and I hope that eventually with the help of my vision and users’ feedback I will implement everything that’s needed to better understand your site comments and commenters.

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No spam, ever. Only comments-related ideas, news and updates.

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