After the release of the initial version of the CommentsWP plugin, I got several questions from users about the meaning of different cards presented on the Dashboard.

As you can see in the docs, there are 13 of them as of right now, and some of them are combining similar metrics into a single card. And the plugin wasn’t particularly user-friendly – there was no explanation of what each card is exactly doing and how it depends on the filters at the top of the page.

So with the CommentsWP v1.1, I decided to eradicate this problem by introducing contextual help links which are unique for each card.

Now, you can hover over a burger menu at the top left corner of each card…

… and you will see a new “Learn More” link that will open for you in a different tab to a documentation link. In this particular case: Top Level & Replies Comments Card.

This way you can always see the up-to-date version of how different cards are behaving, what kind of information they are displaying, and whether or not they are affected by the Comments Date or Number of Items Per Page filters.

Also, this small enhancement builds a foundation for future context-aware card-specific actions. So stay tuned!

Apart from this useful user-oriented improvement, I’ve also added the week number next to each row for the Total by Time Period card when grouped by weeks.

Dashboard Card: Total By Time Period - weekly

And all those numbers in this card when clicked will show you the list of comments in this particular date range.

As usual with all releases, some bugs were fixed and hopefully, new ones were not introduced.

A complete list of all changes for each released version of CommentsWP is available on a special Changelog page.

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